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You’ll never throw lemon peel, if know these benefits

rupcare_lemon peel

  Lemon by increasing the taste of food The smoothness of the lemon gives you refreshment. Many people drink lemon water in the morning for recovery. But most people drop lemon juice after lemur juice chips. We make this mistake. Because lemon juice has some great benefits and lemon juice is 5-10 times more vitamin lemon than lemon husks. Lemon ...

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Study says: Women need more sleep than Man

rupcare_women need more sleep

  Who is more contributing to the development of our society? Male or female? In one word you will say, both of them But in the case of earning money, men ahead. Because almost all of the working men earn money. There a large portion of the working women do not earn money, they are behind the education at a ...

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Eat Garlic-Honey for 7 days to get these benefits

rupcare_garlic & honey

  Not only as a food, but a long time ago, garlic has been used as a medicine. Almost every nation in the world has been using garlic to cure diseases from various diseases. Ancient Greeks used garlic in many areas of their daily life. Apart from this, the athletes of the Olympic Games used to eat garlic to do ...

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Are you sleepy? Know some foods that wake you up

rupcare_anti sleep food

  Get to sleep while sitting. Get up and wake up in the morning. The number of such people is not less. Their davitaa one-coffee to sleep The cuff might have gone asleep in the coffin, but its fruit was in the wound body. Know, what will you sleep if you play. And the body will be in the moonlight. ...

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Avoid 6 foods for weight loss…

rupcare_give up 6 food for weight loss

  Weight loss is a quite painful task. As fast weight increases, so much weight can not be reduced. How many diet, how much exercise and how much to lose weight! How much food does not eat for weight loss There are some foods that should not be consumed at all during weight loss. Today’s feature is the name of ...

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What will happen when you eat Honey & Balsam Apple together?

  Do you know, playing seven different types of karla juice and honey together can be prevented? Only three table spoons of coriander juice and two tablespoons of honey mixed together will benefit from eating this empty stomach every morning. Boldsky, a lifestyle website, has the ability to eat karla juice and honey together. 1. Diabetes reduces Karla juice and ...

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Reduce 10 Kg weight in just 14 days

rupcare_reduce 10 kg in 14 days

  Add eggs to your fitness regime. The benefits of getting it in 14 days will be the benefits. According to experts, eggs can be removed from the body in 14 days by 10 kg weight. It sounds incredible, but it is true! Fitness experts say, it is possible to lose weight of at least 10 kg in just 14 ...

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Regular exercise reduces 40% of death chance

rupcare_exercise reduces death rate

  Reduce the risk of heart disease or illness Recent studies have shown that exercise for half an hour in the week can reduce the risk of death by almost 40 percent for adults. Studies also show that physical activity in older people is just as good as giving up. The study of 15,000 men found that there is no ...

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Benefits of drinking lemon tea regularly

rupcare_lemon tea benefits

  The juice of life is found in very little things. Just do not talk about lemon juice. Many of us sip the tea in a few times of the day. But never try to know whether this cup of tea does not harm our body well? Even though it is strange to hear, there is no substitute for lemon ...

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What are the harms of drinking water while standing

rupcare_don't drink water in standing

  Water is another name for life. So living without water is almost impossible. But do you know about the proper method of drinking water? Statistics show that 45-50 percent of the world’s people have no knowledge about this. As a result, everyone drinking thirst is drinking water but it also causes serious damage to the body. For example, you ...

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How to reduce pain in chikungunya

rupcare_chikungunia pain

  Chikungunya is a viral disease that is infected with the bacteria of the adis mosquito (Edis azepti and adis albitukas). The disease has recently developed. There are more prevalence in Dhaka, including Dhaka, in the vicinity of Dhaka. The main symptoms of this disease are fierce fever which is up to 104-105 degrees Fahrenheit, as well as severe pain ...

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How soup reduces weight in 6 ways

rupcare_how soup reduces weight

  Does the soup reduce your weight? Undoubtedly a good question! But there is nothing to fear. If you can cook a little bit consciously, it can play a role in reducing the weight of your stomach, waist and body. The better thing is, the diseases associated with the body of the body directly, such as heart problems, diabetes and ...

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Who should never use Ginger

rupcare_avoid ginger

  We know as a useful food for Aada. In addition to cold, pain reduction, digestion problems, physicians, diatessians, Ayurvedicists repeatedly said But at the same time doctors say one more thing. Ginger supplements are beneficial but some time may be very beneficial for this food that can be harmful to the body. Find out in some cases ginger may ...

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Breastfeeding mother has less chance of heart disease & cancer

rupcare_breast feeding

  After the birth of the mother’s breast, newborn’s intelligence and physical structure increase. Similarly, this breastfeeding reduces the risk of newborn mother’s cardiovascular disease. Recently, a study published in the Journal of the United States Heart Association showed that about 40 percent of their breast cancer and heart disease risk are less than those who have breastfed their newborns ...

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How should be the movement of fetus


  Generally, mothers get pregnant breast movements or movements within 18 to 24 weeks of pregnancy. For those who have been pregnant for the first time, it takes a little longer to understand movement. Then mothers looked after the matter seriously and anxiety became depressed when the movement decreased. Now the question is, the movement will remain the same throughout ...

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