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One Home Remedy That Promises To Cure Every Disease!


  This 5,000 year old Tibetan recipe promises to cure numerable diseases; the surprising part is it is made up of just two ingredients, garlic and rum! So go ahead make it at home and use to regularly to treat gastric problems, impotence, high blood pressure, boost metabolism, promotes weight loss and cures rheumatism naturally. Recipe Ingredients 350 grams of ...

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Preparation you need to take before child delivery


  It often feels like life is moving faster and faster all the time, but in the delivery room, things are actually slowing down. A National Institutes of Health study found that childbirth for first-time moms now takes 2.6 hours longer than it did 50 years ago. To make that extra time in the delivery room less painful and more ...

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Ways To Naturally Boost Your Fertility

Pregnancy test

  Think fertility is a “you’ve-got-it-or-you-don’t” kind of thing? Think again. There are some simple lifestyle steps that can rev up your fertility…and your chances of getting pregnant. Start eating for two You need to nourish yourself before you can begin to nourish a growing baby. In general, good nutrition for your health is going to be good for conception ...

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Losing Weight Up to 15 kg in a Month By Eating This Secret Mixture!


  Losing weight can be quite a struggle for many people. And taking regard that percentage of obese people in the US, it is definitely a matter that needs to be taken into serious consideration. The best and healthiest way to lose weight is to put the organism on the proper nutrition plan, and do a lot of exercise. At ...

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Why sex attraction increases in morning


  Only having sex at night is like only having sex in your bed or only having sex if the lights are off. Yeah, I’ll say it — boring. But getting it on in the a.m. isn’t just a way to break out of your sex routine, it actually has a ton of physical and emotional benefits. So, stop hitting ...

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Medical Tests You Should Do Before Marriage


  For most people, the joy of finding true love and deciding to go into matrimony with a spouse usually knows no bound. However, most people enter into this lifelong union without adequate knowledge of their partner’s health status and so become disappointed and frustrated with marriage because of medical conditions that could have been identified and tackled before this ...

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Dietary and Lifestyle Tips To Lower LDL Levels


  To dramatically lower your LDL cholesterol levels without resorting to high doses of statins (and maybe even eliminating the need for statins altogether), the doctors and dietitians at the Pritikin Longevity Center recommend these 6 dietary/lifestyle tips: 1. Limit your intake of foods full of saturated fats, trans fats, and dietary cholesterol. Foods with a lot of saturated fat ...

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Apple or Pear? Which is healthier


  You hear all the time that to lose weight, you should track what you eat. There have been many studies that have confirmed that counting calories can help you lose weight faster than those who do not count calories at all. The reason that counting calories is so important is the education you get when it comes to knowing ...

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A Single Kiss Can Transfer 80 Million Bacteria!


  More than 100 trillion microbes live in our bodies, helping us digest food and stay healthy — some 700 bacteria varieties live in our mouths alone. Now, researchers show that up to 80 million bacteria can be shared during just one French kiss, and couples who kiss each other nine times a day or more share similar oral bacteria ...

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Foods To Control Your Anger


  All of us experience anger occasionally but what if we experience this human emotion all the time? Well, our relationships would go for a toss. Human beings feel anger when they get scared, hurt or terribly disappointed. It is a natural response but if it is not expressed gracefully, things would go haywire both in the workplace as well ...

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Steps to a healthy pregnancy


  Pregnancy is an ideal time to start taking really good care of yourself both physically and emotionally. If you follow the few simple guidelines below, you should give yourself the best chance of having a problem-free pregnancy and a healthy baby. 1. See your doctor or midwife as soon as possible As soon as you find out you’re pregnant, ...

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How Tulsi leaf keeps you younger & beautiful


  Here are the top 10 benefits of tulsi: 1. It cures fever:Tulsi has very potent germicidal, fungicidal, anti-bacterial and anti-biotic properties that are great for resolving fevers. It has the potential to cure any fever right from those caused due to common infections to those caused due to malaria as well. In ayurveda, it is strongly advised that a ...

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How Private Clinics Creating Pregnancy Risks for Mother & Child For Profit


  The maternal mortality ratio (MMR) is not merely an indicator of maternal health but is also considered to be an important indicator of the health status and well being of a nation. Bangladesh has made a significant improvement in several health indicators. Nevertheless, although the maternal mortality ratio has declined from more than 600 in 1980 to 322 in ...

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What is Test Tube Baby?

rupcare_test tube baby

  In vitro fertilization (IVF) is the most common and most effective type of assisted reproductive technology (ART) to help women become pregnant. The IVF procedure involves fertilizing an egg outside the body, in a laboratory dish, and then implanting it in a woman’s uterus. In a normal pregnancy a male sperm penetrates a woman’s egg and fertilizes it inside ...

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Signs of Chemically Breed Sick Cows

rupcare_cow hat

  Identifying Sick Cattle Body Temperature When properly used, body temperature can be a good indicator of illness. A greater incidence of calf illness can be identified using body temperatures rather than visual observation alone. One common rule of thumb in beef cattle operations is to designate cattle with rectal temperatures of 104 °Fahrenheit or greater as sick. In addition, ...

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