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Know the height of child according to parents size

rupcare_child height measurement

  All parents are concerned about the child’s physical structure. How long will the child? The idea of ​​this is the most. Researchers say a lot about how food chefs are eating them. But mathematicians now find a simple figure that can be known beforehand how long your son or daughter will be. Researchers believe that this calculation will not ...

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Danger of using smartphone in darkness

rupcare_smartphone use in darkness

  In the current era, smartphone fans can not live without a smartphone for a moment. Wherever I want to let the smart smartphone stay nearby. Night-time companionship smartphone Many of us use a smartphone in the dark room before sleeping. But experts say other things. Using a smartphone in the dark room can cause terrible damage. Without a smartphone, ...

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How to be rich within 30 years of age

rupcare_be rich at 30

  The rich have talked about a number of ways to be rich, which can be rich if it is strictly performed at a very young age. However, in this case, the issues will not be partially complied, for success, it has to be kept in character for a long time. Now, know that at the age of 30, Grant ...

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Do you know the meaning of birth spot?

rupcare_birth mark

  In almost every part of the body of a person, birthdate can be seen in some or no part of the body. Many people still have birth in the same place on the same place in the body. As a result, mother or girl or father and son can easily be recognized. But do you know, hidden behind this ...

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Husband-Wife related 4 funny jokes

rupcare_funny jokes

  Where is the time to laugh busy life? So let’s laugh a little about four spouses related to husband and wife. (1) Judge: You hit the husband with a chair, why? The accused women: Because, I could not get the table up, my lord There was so much weight … so by the chair … (2) Husband: You do ...

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Robot waitress serving pizza in Pakistan

rupcare_robot waitress in pakistan

  The waiter is working on a pizza restaurant in the ancient city of Multan, Pakistan, with three robots These are the first female robot waiters in the country. The name of these three female robots in pizza restaurant is Rabeya, Annie and Janny. The women wrapped in apron wrapped the robot with the scarf, and the rest of the ...

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Moushumi Hamid saves the life of a house working girl

rupcare_moushumi hamid

  Popular actress Mousumi Hamid Acting is regular. In that sequence, he was busy shooting at a shooting house in Uttara on July 6. But suddenly, a child in a nearby house heard the melodious tunes of the girl’s voice. That means someone is killing him. Everything is silent when shooting. But due to the tears of the baby girl ...

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Unbelievable age of mother & her two daughters

rupcare_unbeleivable age

  Know the mother and her two daughters, their identity and age Get acquainted with this family in Taiwan They are probably the only family in the world who hold their youth, incredibly. It is not far ahead of all. See the picture above. Even if you look very well, it seems that three sisters who are younger than teenage ...

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Caution in using Air Conditioner

rupcare_air conditioner

  Say in the house or outside, life is now AC-MOI AC at home. If you step outside, AC in office Shopping mall ac. No space left. But know this, the comfort of the Ace is invisible to us, the terrible problem for the body. Our body moisture decreases for long periods of time. This air of the body is ...

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21 areas in Dhaka city most risky for Chikungunya: report


  A total of 23 areas in Dhaka city were identified as most risky for Chikungunya disease, according to a report revealed last thursday. Epidemiology, Disease Control and Research (IEDCR) released the report at a meeting on “Doings for prevention of Chikungunya disease” in the Health and Family Welfare Ministry in the capital. The risky areas are: Uttara-4, Uttara-9, Middle ...

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Get Australian citizenship in just 12 months!


  Australia was always at the top of the choice for immigrants. Recently, a few international surveys show that Australia’s cities are the most loved and loved by people all over the world. The main reasons for the choice are Australia, always the best in terms of peace, discipline, social security, environment, jobs, costs, communication, education and medical standards. Those ...

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3 Funny Jokes

rupcare_funny jokes

  Two girls quarrel on the bus Two girls are quarreling with sitting in the bus seat- Conductors: What’s the matter, why are you quarreling? Between those of you who are older, sit and sit. What else? Both of them were standing all the way. Had to eat with a turnover New-son-in-law will be in-laws! A precious Saint took the ...

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Reasons why you shouldn’t believe social media photo

rupcare_fake social media photo

  A great photographer behind the famous and great photo of the amazing creativity and patience of the photographer. But the availability of technology in the modern era probably made the photographer’s job much easier. Not only that, many people post pictures of themselves, posting great pictures. Everyone has become a photographer for the benefit of the social media. But ...

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How is your fate according to mole location


  Find out if you have money and travel, you can know about the location of sesame seeds. The place of sesame in your body will tell whether you will be rich or not. Some of these topics were highlighted in this article. 1. The meaning of sesame in your right hand is that you will be very rich after ...

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Are you small sized? Here is some solution

rupcare_small size solution

  Those who are less in height, many of them suffer from inferiority. For some low elevation, some people are also affected by personality loss. Naturally, body height does not rise after a certain age. In that case there is no way except to be satisfied with its normal height. But US-style expert Willham Logan reports that, using a number ...

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