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How this house-wife got over 9 lacs fb followers!

rupcare_9 lacs follower in fb

  He is not a famous celebrity. On the screen or in the television serial, he is not seen in the movie. He is not part of politics or in any social movement. Facebook page is never seen as a small business! However, the number of followers on Facebook has exceeded 9 million! Not only that, with the update of ...

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Actor Ratin is no more

rupcare_actor ratin dead

  Theater, television and cine actor Abdur Rashin has died (Inna Lillahi wa Inna Illihe Raigune). She was admitted to the hospital after suffering from chikungunya. Later, they are suffering from liver and kidney diseases. Finally, he went to the country last night not returning to the country last night. At the time of his death, he was 66 years ...

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UGC given caution against 16 universities

rupcare_ugc 16 univ

  The Commission has warned 16 private universities about the admissionary admission before the results of the Higher Secondary Certificate. There are complaints about the conflict between the board of trustees, the suspension of the court without the permission of the court, or the start of educational activities. Apart from this, there are 43 vice-chancellors and treasurers of 95 universities. ...

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Mother given birth of twins after 123 days of death

rupcare_dead mother given birth twins

  When he first learned that he was going to be a mother, he became frustrated with Brazilian Franklin D’Silva Jampoli Padillaha. Within two hours of life, the body of two souls were experiencing a little more. But 21-year-old Franklin did not know that this joy was only a few days. As soon as two lives increase in the womb, ...

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Mother drive autorickshaw for son’s education


  In fact, when the fate takes man, it can not be said. Yet we have to live our lives. And they may not understand our current life. In fact, how horrible life is the life of a deadly life How difficult it is to keep constant life. People are living that day by taking the day. They have to ...

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British man given birth to a child!

rupcare_male pregnancy

  The 21-year-old Headen Cross, Britain’s father, has created a stir by giving birth to a man. Earlier, in the United States, Thomas Breity, named after the male pregnancy, gave birth to a child. In a report released by the Indian media NDTV, Headen gave birth to daughter on June 16. It is said in the report that she was ...

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Choreographer Ganesh Acharya’s Weight Loss Story

rupcare_ganesh weight loss

  Theone person who comes in our minds when we think about Bollywood dancing is Govinda! The person behind Govinda’s flawless choreographies is the famous choreographer, Ganesh Acharya. From ‘Chikni Chameli’, ‘Malhari’ to ‘Dabangg’, you name a song and a signature step will pop in your mind; Ganesh Acharya has given us all this. 21 year-old Ganesh started his journey ...

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Foreigner wife in mud house

rupcare_malaysian wife in bd village

  Mud house. Tin rice above She was tinged with tin. Seeing broken houses A foreigner has come to the house as a new wife. Malaysian teen Eshhari has recently rushed to Bangladesh in love tension The woman has reached the house of Jahurul Islam, a resident of Faridpur village in Alamdanga upazila of Chuadanga. Isheri has adopted Islam. His ...

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Moushumi Hamid saves the life of a house working girl

rupcare_moushumi hamid

  Popular actress Mousumi Hamid Acting is regular. In that sequence, he was busy shooting at a shooting house in Uttara on July 6. But suddenly, a child in a nearby house heard the melodious tunes of the girl’s voice. That means someone is killing him. Everything is silent when shooting. But due to the tears of the baby girl ...

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You will astonished if know the story of this girl

rupcare_poor girl of rich father

  There has been a storm in the country surrounding, a daughter of a wealthy family in Cairo, Egypt. A young woman has been seen living on the road for several days under the eastern Abadiyah bridge in Cairo. There he sleeps that night A lot of people are curious about the dirty dirty girl. Some people also took pictures ...

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Female reporter unconscious during live telecast

rupcare_reporter fall down

  Journalists have to gather news about the risks of life of the journalists constantly. And television journalists often have to present live events in front of the audience. In many cases where there are potential risks. Recently, such an incident video was viral through social media. The news headline is a woman journalist to report on news. On Wednesday, ...

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Teen Model livestreams her own death!

rupcare_model dies in live

  Ukraine model Sophia Magarco dies in an automobile while driving in an accident. The horrific picture of death was ‘live’ in the social media, he himself. Sophia Magarco, a well-known name in the modeling world of Ukraine He has won several titles in several beautiful competitions in the country. It’s been reported that Sofia had just left her BMW ...

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Nagin dance can break a marriage: This is why

rupcare_marriage breaks for dance

  Coming to the marriage ceremony, the bride’s marriage is not seen in general due to the ‘Nagin dance’. It is surprising to hear but recently it happened in Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. Two families are in Shahjahanpur. It has been learned that long time ago, the marriage of Prashna Mishra with 23 years Priyanka Tripathi was ripe. Even among ...

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Unbelievable age of mother & her two daughters

rupcare_unbeleivable age

  Know the mother and her two daughters, their identity and age Get acquainted with this family in Taiwan They are probably the only family in the world who hold their youth, incredibly. It is not far ahead of all. See the picture above. Even if you look very well, it seems that three sisters who are younger than teenage ...

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Eid market is full of strange name dresses!

rupcare_strange eid dress

  The name of the braided dress is ‘Bahubali’. If you want to buy, Murri Murri! Kiranamala, birds or Bagira is not a mastani. Eid garment has been grabbed by the Bahubali 2, Rakhi bondage, boss 2. Whatever the garment, the name of the name is like a scarf. When the market was visited, the frames of birds, kiranmala or ...

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