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You will astonished if know the story of this girl

rupcare_poor girl of rich father

  There has been a storm in the country surrounding, a daughter of a wealthy family in Cairo, Egypt. A young woman has been seen living on the road for several days under the eastern Abadiyah bridge in Cairo. There he sleeps that night A lot of people are curious about the dirty dirty girl. Some people also took pictures ...

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Female reporter unconscious during live telecast

rupcare_reporter fall down

  Journalists have to gather news about the risks of life of the journalists constantly. And television journalists often have to present live events in front of the audience. In many cases where there are potential risks. Recently, such an incident video was viral through social media. The news headline is a woman journalist to report on news. On Wednesday, ...

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Teen Model livestreams her own death!

rupcare_model dies in live

  Ukraine model Sophia Magarco dies in an automobile while driving in an accident. The horrific picture of death was ‘live’ in the social media, he himself. Sophia Magarco, a well-known name in the modeling world of Ukraine He has won several titles in several beautiful competitions in the country. It’s been reported that Sofia had just left her BMW ...

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Nagin dance can break a marriage: This is why

rupcare_marriage breaks for dance

  Coming to the marriage ceremony, the bride’s marriage is not seen in general due to the ‘Nagin dance’. It is surprising to hear but recently it happened in Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. Two families are in Shahjahanpur. It has been learned that long time ago, the marriage of Prashna Mishra with 23 years Priyanka Tripathi was ripe. Even among ...

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Unbelievable age of mother & her two daughters

rupcare_unbeleivable age

  Know the mother and her two daughters, their identity and age Get acquainted with this family in Taiwan They are probably the only family in the world who hold their youth, incredibly. It is not far ahead of all. See the picture above. Even if you look very well, it seems that three sisters who are younger than teenage ...

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Eid market is full of strange name dresses!

rupcare_strange eid dress

  The name of the braided dress is ‘Bahubali’. If you want to buy, Murri Murri! Kiranamala, birds or Bagira is not a mastani. Eid garment has been grabbed by the Bahubali 2, Rakhi bondage, boss 2. Whatever the garment, the name of the name is like a scarf. When the market was visited, the frames of birds, kiranmala or ...

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Why Mahmudullah showed his bat after century


  Bangladesh beat New Zealand by five wickets in the ICC Champions Trophy last match of the group stages in the last match. The middle-order batsman, Mahmudullah Riyad, played a vital role in batting with five wickets in the match against the Kiwis. He scored the third century in the career. Mahmudullah celebrated a mysterious celebration after blowing a century ...

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Meet real life “Vampire Couple”!


  Recently, a couple in Italy claimed to be their ‘vampire couple’. They are living each other’s blood to keep their ties afloat. 30-year-old Denis Alberto and 20-year-old girlfriend, Ellya, give an advertisement on Facebook for acting in circus three years ago. The couple there promised that they would drink each other’s blood like a vampire. But the matter does ...

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Get Australian citizenship in just 12 months!


  Australia was always at the top of the choice for immigrants. Recently, a few international surveys show that Australia’s cities are the most loved and loved by people all over the world. The main reasons for the choice are Australia, always the best in terms of peace, discipline, social security, environment, jobs, costs, communication, education and medical standards. Those ...

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Why Manua killed rich husband by her lover


  Her husband is rich Lovers are common. Yet Manuja Majumder, who killed her husband by lover, was murdered. but why ? Psychologists believe that Manu’s husband Anupam Singh is very good man responsible for this. Husband’s good-looking attitude of the woman disliked Manuya The incident happened in India’s northern twenty-four Parganas. What will be the relationship of a few ...

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Food planning for Iftar

rupcare_iftar planning

  Ramadan is the month of fasting in the month of fasting. Ramadan is the unique collection of the beauty and beauty of Islamic life. In this holy month, we spread special mercy, forgiveness and salvation. Blessed are all Muslims Jahan after receiving this great month of gaining Paradise. So it is better to pursue fast in the healthy body. ...

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Unbelievable relationship with animals

rupcare_amazing relationship

  There is a saying in the village that if in danger, tigers and deer drink water at one hour. One such picture is via viral social communication. But instead of tiger and deer there is a cat and a duck child. After the cyclone Mora hit Bangladesh, the image is seen in the wall of Bangladeshi Facebook users. However, ...

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New born baby walking! Video viral on social media

rupcare_new born baby walking

  What can be done after child birth in human society? If you ask such questions, almost all of them will get the same answer. The eyes of the newborn do not bloom. What else is possible without tears! At this time, the eyes of the people have become so accustomed to the new ones. But what happened now, doctors ...

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An acid victim got her real love

rupcare_acid victim got her love

  Not the body, the beauty of the mind is the key to love. A young man named Ravi Shankar proved that he was married to Ben Bansi, who was thrashed in acid. Giving happiness to the people of love is both bride and groom. The wedding was held in Mumbai city of India. The incident is in 2012. A ...

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Bad comments on Cricketer’s page by some nasty users

rupcare_bad comments on shakib's post

  The number of Facebook users of Bangladesh is increasing and it is increasing. Increasingly, the arrival of people with distorted mentality in the virtual world. They have been able to open a fake ID after one and implement their plans. Even if a young woman is raped, they excuse clothing; In spite of being a victim of rape, the ...

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