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Perfect lips care tips

rupcare_lips care

  It is very important to take care of lipstick before taking lipstick. Pretty lip but the color of choice will appear. 1. Drink plenty of water to maintain the normal moisture of the lip. Diet cucumber, watermelon, grapes, lemon must be such fruit. 2. It is important to clean the dead cells of the body like the lips. Scrub ...

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Habits that are bad for beautiful skin

rupcare_avoid for skin

  Along with good we have some bad habit, which we unintentionally follow and it affects our skin. Most of these mistakes are made by women. Beauty conscious women immediately correct these bad habits to get their perfect skin, to get results in handouts. If you have done these things till now, then correct the mistakes now and see the ...

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Get beautiful neck and shoulder

rupcare_beautiful neck and shoulder

  We are almost excluded from the care of the neck, neck, and surrounding areas, while giving more importance to the face and skin care. As a result, the dirty neck of the face with a beautiful face and skin, which is really incompatible. Therefore, it is a wise work to bring about some changes in the way of life ...

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Hair falling down? Solution is near hand!

rupcare_hair fall solution within hand

  Hair fall is now our national problem! And its solution is regular care. It is possible to solve the problem of hair removal with the complete natural and available ingredients. These are very easy to make, the ingredients are at our fingertips, even in the kitchen! Today, you are going to share some anti-hair masks that will reduce hair ...

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Different skin care tips for different skin type

rupcare_different tips for different skin

  Different types of people, different skin. Someone is normal, somebody else is dry or someone else oily. As the skin is different, its care should also be different. Another type of skin care can be fatal reactions. Let’s take a look at some of the symptoms of the skin according to the type of skin. Normal skin care The ...

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Natural solutions to eye wrinkles

rupcare_under eye darkness

  The skin around the eyes is quite soft and soft. For this reason, the first bullfight around the eyes. Due to dry skin, excessive sunlight, insufficient sleep, age, smoking, hereditary, lack of nutrients, excessive weight loss, etc. can cause diarrhea around the eyes. If this is not removed from the beginning, then it is deeper on the skin. Today’s ...

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12 foods to keep your beauty & youth

rupcare_foods for beautiful skin1

  There is no real magic to actually reduce the body and skin. But there are some foods that are able to hold youth permanently. Every person wants to have young age at any cost to stay young. And if this goal is met through a few foods then what could be better than this. However, it is important to ...

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10 tricks of makeup with just a spoon!

rupcare_makeup with just a spoon

  What is the most useful thing in your makeup box? Would you say your favorite makeup brush, eyeshadow or mascara? What do you know, the most effective thing for makeup is the dolly spoon in the kitchen? By using it 10 perfect ways can make perfect makeup! 1) Remove the swelling of the eye Before going to sleep at ...

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Under arm darkness solution at home

rupcare_under arm darkness

  There are many black tinted stains in the underarm or armpit that look very bleak. The black spots below the armpit are not seen too much, but discomfort is felt to most people. This can be due to various reasons. Due to hereditary reasons, due to the use of extra deodorant and body spray, due to diabetes or sudden ...

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Keep your beauty after aging

rupcare_be young always

  As long as the age spines begin to change in the body, the changes in the body begin to come in the same way, and the outside also seems to be eroding. And the loss of the body began in the basically 30 years later. So it is important to keep the body and skin special attention at this ...

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Some special advise to heal cracked feet

rupcare_feet crack solution

  Ankle blisters can not only damage the beauty, but also can cause pain on the legs. So, care should be taken at the beginning. Due to decreasing moisture on the skin of the skin, the skin is cracked and dried. So it should be good to sit on the night with a moisturizer. Julia Azad, the president of Desire’s ...

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One scrub which cure all of your pimples

rupcare_anti pimple scrub

  A common ingredient is found in almost all the kitchen kitchens, that is baking soda. Baking soda is used only for cooking? definitely no. There are some great uses of Ruppancha. Baking soda is used until whitening tooth starts from scratching. Acne-prone skin is much more sensitive. Before using anything on this skin, you have to be a little ...

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Pack to reduce darkness of fingers and toes

rupcare_fingers and toe

  The first condition of being beautiful and attractive all the time is that the skin is irritated. But it is not very easy to keep skin clean and clean, because most of us have to stay outside for work. And only if the face is not stain, beauty is not perfect. We also need to take care of our ...

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3 masks to reduce sunburn of face


  In the Western countries, Santadook is very much liked, on the other hand, in our countries and South Asian countries, Santan is known as one of the problems. Besides, harmful ultraviolet ray skin in the sun damages the skin. There is no sound to say ‘healthy tan’. But the good news is that some home-made face masks are released ...

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Skin & Hair Care Tips During Fasting in Ramadan

rupcare_skincare in ramadan

  While you are fasting, your body and skin go through many changes and for this reason you need to take special care of your skin. Skin care in Ramadan is very important to have a fresh look all day long so that you do not look wearied out to you family and friends. And, for this, the first few ...

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