Tamarind drink for Iftar peace

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Organic food is going on in the month of Ramadan. But keep in mind, if you want nutritious and healthy food in Iftar this hot and long day. Experts say that iftar is more productive than frightening, intelligent work. So, during the month of Ramadan, the fruits of various fruits will be highlighted for the readers. Know today’s about tamarind to bring water. Iftar is not the same as tamarind or chutney, so there is Sharbat


Reduces our body’s harmful cholesterol (LDL) levels and takes care of cardiovascular health. Because it contains fenol and antioxidants. It is also good to know the best way to increase the amount of beneficial cholesterol (HDL).


Tartul gives a lot of work to cure stomach problems. Playing two teaspoons of tamarind paste in the water will ease the stomach. Its fiberglass fiber plays a role in creating and removing waste. To remove gastric problems, turmeric is one of the tools of Ayurveda.

With tea

Herbal tea is quite beneficial in the problem of fever and body becoming cold. This tea will become good antidote, if it is mixed with tamarind leaves.


Problems in the body due to lack of vitamin ‘C’, tartul can fight well against it.


Mixing a little mint leaves in tamarind syrup, it provides great work to remove the ulcer. When there is inflammation of ulcer in hot and sour ingredients, tamarind then cools it down.


Very useful tamarind for the formation of red blood cells and healthy cardiovascular system. Because it is exposed to minerals and vitamins.


Tannins full of fiber rich foods like tunins, musilees and pectin. These removes constipation. 100 grams of tamarind paste meets daily emergency 13-15 percent fiber demand.


Tantric antioxidants work against harmful chemical substances that can cause cancer in the body. Experts, who have been suffering from thyroid disease, have suggested to keep their toes in their diet.


Reduces glucose levels in the blood to make the diarrhea tender. Tuberculosis has been used as a mantra with herbal ingredients and jams for a long time to deal with this disease.

As an antidote

Its effects are cut quickly if alcohol or poisonous tamarind juice is provided. In this case, tamarind acts as an antidote solely.

For the nervous system

It has very urgent vitamins ‘B complex’. Thiamin is the most important component of this family. Thiamine is needed for the proper functioning of the nervous system, which is very large in tamarind.


Extra tamarind reduces blood pressure and slows blood. You see, blood does not want to stop when you are cut off somewhere. So experts say to eat tamarind on high levels.