Teenager selling her VIRGINITY for €1 million Euros






A astadasira virginity is sold for 1.7 million British pounds. A German website 4 million rupees in Indian currency about 14 million Romanian teenager aleksajandra khepharenera bikocche virginity. British TV aleksajandra has confessed in an interview. Jan, the owner of the escort service websites to sell her virginity would jyakobiyelsaki 0 ​​percent commission. He is said to have been supervising the whole process.

Jan ‘sinderela the name of the service provider in a German escort service run, too Dortmund at home in the bedroom. Aleksajandra to him, including four young women to be exaggerated 6-year-old Jean, told the website. Not words, women are literally go through a physical examination to prove her virginity. To sign saying that he did not imitate bed except corruption.

Prostitution in Germany is valid, so do not be afraid jyanera police jhuta-hassle. Jyanera 6-year-old boy, but the parents did not know how to do business! Jan is more afraid of them. However, he does not have all the hassle aleksajandrara. He is a Romanian model emerging. His father, a policeman, mother pharmacists. The girl’s body with ads claiming that excessively angry with his parents. Both women said clearly, if you do not stop this now would be to leave the house.

Parents’ fears, however, did not humakite khepharena aleksajandra. Said clearly, 1.7 million pounds when he refuses to go to bed with a stranger for any man. He is not alone, others in his age group earn money by doing this. Some of the study’s cost to provide the business name. A wealthy businessman on the ads already seen him claim to have contacted the Mail Online, the Romanian astadasi. Jan jyakobiyelsakio escort service website owner said, “I did not force any aleksajandrake. I was approached and willing to sell virginity. I’m just help the commission in exchange. ”

He further claimed that, if a person is attracted to interact with the ad, then you can be completely voluntarily aleksajandra her husband, phlorenatinara. Those who sell virginity, if they think the person is healthy or asaujanyatabodha shows, if there was complete agreement. Or be very careful about his security escort services, claiming jyanera. If you want to get the benefit of any person in his Escort services are required to submit in advance 40 percent of the money, then the rest is required. Aleksajandra not wait until February next year, he said. You will see more money in advertising, he will sayyatei aleksajandra.