The Types Of Girl That Most Guys Are Attracted To






Every girl has their own character, personality and quality. All you have to do is to be yourself. Remember when a guy likes you; he likes you as a whole. Different guys are attracted to different kind of girls but what matter the most is the attitude and character.

So, from this article you will get to know what a guy really want in a girl.

Sweet and adorable

Guys are easily attracted to sweet and adorable girls. Don’t try to create problem and be in a mood whenever you are with him. Make him feel that you are someone he needs whenever he is happy or sad. Even if you can’t help him directly, try to give him the moral support that he needs. Thus, he will feel that you are someone important in his life.

Be honest

Honesty is very important especially in a relationship. Guys hate girls who like to pretend or lie. For example, you lied to him saying that you have a gathering with your old schoolmates but instead you met with a male friend so as not make him suspicious. If he finds out that you are actually lying to him, he will get very angry and things will become worse than before. A lie will always lead to another lie. Just tell him the truth that it is just a simple meet up and he will understand. Remember, honesty is what a guy wants in a girl.


Guys are attracted to cheerful and friendly type of girls because this will make the relationship more enjoyable. At the same time, he will feel more comfortable with you. Stop acting like a domineering and boastful person. This will only make him lose interest in you or get annoyed with your attitude.

Sometimes, if he brings you out to meet his friends, try to be friendly and entertain them. Be sociable and friendly. You can always join in the conversation or even make intermittent jokes. This will make him feel proud and happy to have a cheerful, friendly and adorable girl.


As a girl, you must believe in yourself and be confident in everything you do. Make good judgments and be smart in your evaluation of others. Guys are attracted to girls who are confident and not too dependent on others. In times, he might need your suggestions or opinions in some matters.

Good cooking skill

Apart from all the above-mentioned personalities and qualities a girl must possess, good cooking skill can be another criterion to attract guys. You can always buy a recipe book from the bookstores or magazine shops to improve on your cooking skill. When you are reasonably good in cooking, you can try to create your own recipes as well. Most of the guys love home-cook food. Home-cook food is more delicious and less oily as compared to outside food – even though it is just a simple dish. Thus, girls who know how to cook well are the type of girls who are most attractive to guys.

After knowing all these criteria, reflect back and appraise yourself. Don’t worry if you don’t have some of the qualities mentioned above. There are ample time and opportunity for you to change and improve yourself into becoming a better person. It is better to be late than never.