Things couple should ask before marriage

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Two people living together in the bond of marriage spending. After a poor day, months, sometimes years to hem, the whole life of the man with the thought of spending. She has thought about what kind of wedding will be held. He arranged marriage and the cost is great.

Some marriages do not last long enough to organize. So what was so organized and intentions? What can not be brought before any other way?

Family can be seen in the case of marriage, the son of the daughter of the house to see if it matches with his family. What do they want the family to cope with her daughter’s family a long time does not count. And here begins the first error. If you’re a girl or a boy; Of course, some question each other before marriage. The happiness of your life cut daspatya.

1. Ask him first, or family pressure to marry his icchete. Despite some anicche khusike sacrificed himself for the happiness of the family. Then he covered the darkness of his own future. So do not make a mistake.

2. After marriage, a car will cost, and how she deals with her about the idea of ​​how to spend it. After the wedding, there will be the possibility of a quarrel over money daily.

3. If the difference between the two religions to discuss beforehand.

4. Discuss the similarities and differences of the two practices. You get the idea how your life will change after marriage.

5. Already told her about his wish. If your dreams do not have to kakhanohatya.