Things that prevent you from cancer

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When it comes to fatality, it comes first to mention cancer. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world are victims of Corkcreag. The 2012 report says Denmark tops the list. Then there are France, Australia, Belgium, Norway, United States of America, Ireland, Republic of Korea, Netherlands. Denmark has an infinite number of 338 cancer cases per 100,000 people.

Due to increase in health awareness, the situation has been adjusted very much now. According to a report by 2015, at least 1,300 people died in this country due to cancer. The doctors said that 50 percent of our cancer can be prevalent in carcinogly. Following the right lifestyle, the possibility of fertility may decrease. Let’s know if that potential can be reduced: –

The vaccine that can prevent cancer is not available in the market. But if you have regular exercise, you can get rid of it. Exercise mast, especially to prevent breast and colon cancer,

□ In order to know the weight of the body according to the height should be the first. Excess weight on body ratio but can double the chance of cancer. Overweight cancer is due to cancer. Many of these information are unknown. Extra weight may be one of the causes of cancer of the prostate, pancreatic, uterus, colon, ovary. So the excess weight will be reduced.

□ Working long enough, increases the chances of cancer. Also, sitting in one place, sleeping, watching TV can increase the weight and increase the chances of cancer.

□ Cigarette, tobacco and bidi eating habits increase the chance of cancer. Even alcoholism also encourages coccoloropathy in the body.

□ Skin cancer is due to sun’s ultraviolet light. For this, you have to protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun. The body needs to be made out of clothes and sunscreen.