Things to do for prevention of breast cancer

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Nowadays, breast cancer has become a common disease for women. As soon as the name of the disease is heard, the women are shocked.

New research has shown that breast cancer can be the most important role of cancer in women after lung cancer. Breast cancer can also infect men. But in the women it is seen more than the incidence.
The causes of breast cancer include old age, past cancer of the breast or concrete pandemic, thick breast tissue, excessive estrogen neoplasia, excess body weight, alcoholism, radiation radiation, hormonal treatment and occupational hazard.

Although past history of genetics and breast cancer can not be avoided, however, if you want, you can reduce the risk of developing breast cancer through some healthy habits and regular screening tests. Such as … ..

1. By keeping weight in control
A big reason for breast cancer is excess weight. You can easily control what you want. Maintaining good health is a fundamental goal for every woman. Especially after menopause. If you are chronic, you are only increasing the risk of developing different types of cancer. Of which breast cancer is one. Because most of your body’s estrogen comes from fat tissue after menopause. And as much as fat tissue, the level of estrogen will increase and your risk of developing breast cancer will increase.

2. Quit smoking
We all know that smoking is harmful to health and may also lead to lung cancer. But many of us do not know that smoking is also directly associated with many other types of cancer. Menopause has the highest risk of breast cancer due to smokers before.

3. Leave the habit of drinking alcoholic beverages
Women who drink alcohol every day have high risk of breast cancer. Even there is evidence that breast cancer can increase the risk of breast cancer.

4. Find healthy eating habits
Red meat and meat served processed is good. Every day, high-fiber and many types of fruits and vegetables are more than enough to eat. Avoid the preserved and processed foods as much as possible.

5. Stress minimize
Nowadays, stress plays a major role in raising the risk of various types of diseases. It also increases the risk of breast cancer. Stress can also damage the immune system by reducing the hormone levels.

6. Do regular exercises
One wondrous thing is that women are at least 30 minutes active physically, they reduce their risk of breast cancer. Many studies have proven that choreography is very useful for breast health. Breast cancer risk decreases by 25% in the body.

7. Breastfeeding of the breast in the breast reduces the risk of cancer
Breast cancer provides an important role in breastfeeding for the child. As long as you breast-feed your baby, the risk of your cancer will decrease and your baby will also be healthy.

8. Do not eat birth control pills
Another major cause of breast cancer is birth control pills. However, this risk is very low among young people. Studies have shown that with the removal of birth control pills, the risk of breast cancer also goes away.

9. Avoid Post-Menopause Hormones
If you are forced to take hormonal treatment after menopause, then you will end it as soon as possible. Menopause, however, has many benefits for hormonal imaging, but it also creates a risk of breast cancer.