This drink will lose your weight without exercise

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Are you fighting too much weight? Diet or exercise, can not reduce weight, can not get excess weight, slim and attractive figure like mind? Many do not have time to exercise again, there is no scope for diet. Hey or how to reduce weight? Today, know a great recipe.

Make this drink every morning and drink empty stomach. Without any effort, your body will be beautiful and beautiful.

1 tablespoon honey
1 tablespoon fresh ginger chopped or chopped (ginger powder can also be used)
1 tablespoon apple sider vinegar
1 koa garlic
1 Frozen Mint or Parsley Kochi
Semi-boiling water (at room temperature)
Half of avocados (can be found on the supermarket, if you can not use papaya)

Mix all the ingredients with blender and mix well.
Add honey to the glass.
Mix well and mix well.
-After drinking the empty stomach every morning, this drink.
Lower your weight by reducing your metabolism and exposing harmful substances to your body. But any one of the elements used is allergic or any other physical problem, they do not drink this drink. Avoid mothers who are breast-feeding pregnant women or children.