This girl had snake bite 32 times, but still alive


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Once, not twice. 32 times in 18-year-old woman had a snake. However, he is comfortably well. And so the woman called the divine power of the ‘goddess’ has begun to think of people in the village.

The woman’s name Manisha Verma. Siramaure home state of Himachal Pradesh, India.

Young said Manisha, a child going through the village on the bank of a river for the first time that a snake bites him. White was the color of the snake. But it can be intimidating at first thought he died of a snake chobale. The small snake from the woman he loves. For the first time in two years after cutting a snake a snake did not strike him. When I was in school, he spent more than the snake. Even two or three times a day, the woman killed by snake bites. The snake had claimed that the girl was 3 times. But Manisha is recovering comfortably. So now you see a snake, and he was not afraid at all. Instead, look at the snake was handed over to cuddle with.

Meanwhile, residents of the village, Manisha is no divine power. Otherwise, one can not survive so many times after eating snake bites.

However, three days before the manisake further snake bites. He is undergoing treatment at a local hospital. Manisha now continues to recover gradually.

Meanwhile, snake bites repeatedly healthy eating and Manisha Rag his family has somehow not normal.

Manisha’s father said Sumer Verma, snake bites to eat again and again in Manisha has become routine. Manisha again and again because of the power of the divine in his father’s belief that he was cured.

However, doctors do not agree to abide by Manisha of divine energy. They claimed that 80 percent of the area is the non-venomous snakes. Earlier, the snake manisake spent, mostly non-toxic species or less.

Many local, snake bites again and again as a result of eating poisoned Manisha insulation antibodies the body has been created. As a result of his not being a snake chobale