This heroine didn’t marry for Ajay!

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This famous Bollywood actress has been running for 45 years now. But still did not sit on the marriage pitch. But why he did not even marry? TABU claims that Bollywood actor Ajay Devas is not responsible for his marriage!

According to a newsletter from Ebla in Kolkata, an Indian national daily quoted TABU as saying in a recent interview to a publication.

There Tabu said, ‘I have known Ajay for 25 years. And my brother’s brother was a friend and neighbor of Aamir. When I was young, Ajay and Samir kept a close watch on me. When a boy talked to me, he would beat him. Both were totally gangsters.

The heroine also said that she often told Ajay to find a friend for him, she said.

Finally, Tabu said, ‘I said that I was totally joking. Actually a great relationship between me and Ajay. Among the male actors, Ajay has special meaning for me. And still like the kids and very protective about me.

This heroine was in love with another Bollywood golfer Govinda. The relationship that broke the objection of the mother