This Woman Claimed She Has Been 23 Months Pregnant!






The human body is full of discovery. It keeps giving you sweet little shocks that literally blow your mind. And these shocks can be related to absolutely anything. Even pregnancy. Yes! You may have heard about twins, triplets or even quadruplets, but have you ever heard of quintuplets? It is true and there are women who give birth to five children at a time. It is called quintuplet.

Imagine, if an average pregnancy was longer than nine months or anything other than nine months, how different would pregnancies be? Would that be the basis to decide how many children a couple wants in their life? Would women consider it as a factor to get pregnant multiple times? Well, as of now, we do not have answers to those questions, but one woman is experiencing an unusual pregnancy and she is all over the internet for claiming that she has been pregnant for 23 months.

YES! This woman has claimed that her pregnancy lasted for 23 months, which is almost 2 years. Shocking, isn’t it? We understand how long nine months is, imagine 23 months! And there’s a woman who knows exactly how that feels and she isn’t a happy camper!

She has experienced some very unusual medical complications and when asked about the same, she said, “I can’t take it anymore. I have a rare blood disease which is preventing my fetus to get good levels of oxygen, causing my baby’s organs not to grow as fast as his body. My doctor had warned me about the possible risk of a longer pregnancy, but he told me a month maybe two at most. It’s been almost 2 years, 2 years. I can’t even walk anymore it’s been 4 months. My baby weighs 19 pounds, it’s unbearable,” she continued.

The story went so viral that people even shared it on their social media platforms. However, the story may be shocking, but it may be true. And hence, we still do not know if her claims have been true or false. Well, whatever her case, let’s just hope she gets well soon.