Tinni coming back again with Sajal

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Hriday Dhruv Shabshetri Datta Thinni So there is no need to introduce new readers to the new one. He was once regular in acting but is no longer there. Due to various reasons played away from Diane.

His innumerable fans are waiting for when he returns to Tinni. They ended their waiting.

Terni has returned to acting with romantic actor Sajal.

The Selfi with her is telling her how happy she was to return to acting. What is the return of the three eyes?

When contacted, he said, “Yes, the facts are true. Terni returned to the role.

The story is amazing but the name does not remember. Parvez Amin conducted it Sylhet shooting was yesterday.

And today at the end of the shooting at three o’clock.

Meanwhile, trying to contact the director Parvez Amin, his mobile number is closed.

It is also known from Sajal that the play will be broadcast on a private channel in the Eid.