Tinni’s 2nd Marriage is Going to End Soon!

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Model and actress Srabasti Dutta Tinni has hinted at divorcing her second husband via her Facebook account.

She updated her Facebook status on Saturday hinting at the divorce with her current husband Adnan Huda Saad.

Along with a photo of her daughter, she wrote, injustice has been done to me. Saad goes around talking about cheating with audacity publicly. He kept making me a fool day and night. He’s sick. He kept me captive and tortured me. So, I left home.

In 2006, the model married her boyfriend Adnan Faruq Hillol. The couple became parents of baby girl.

However, the duo parted their ways couple of years into the marriage.

Then Tinni kept a distance from the media.

Later, in 2014, Tinni tied the knot with Adnan Huda Saad. They have a baby girl too.