Titanic will be back again!





James Cameron’s “Titanic” movie remember? Built in 1997, thanks to all of the film was well-known scene from the Titanic ship with underwater.

The Titanic sank in the Atlantic Ocean 191 yatratei. The cold and drowning accidents are one of the ship’s 500 passengers were killed.

Bringing back the taitanikake China. The Titanic made exactly the same design, but did not come jalayatraya. It will be a permanent berthing in China’s Sichuan province, a village pond. Thursday’s starting to build this new Titanic.

269 ​​meter length of the ship is being built solely to attract visitors. Some of the internal part of the Titanic will be identical with the original design of the Chinese model (replica). There will be a ballroom, theater, swimming pool and first-class room. And the twenty-first century will be the addition of Wi-Fi facilities.

China plans to build 014 of the new Titanic. The construction cost was almost one billion (115 million US dollars).

However, this is not the first initiative to build new Titanic. Australian billionaire Clive Palmer in the past 01 announced the creation of the Titanic replica. The construction work is not over yet.