Top Anti-Aging Foods – Secrets of Staying Young

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Research has confirmed that there is an abundance of foods that consists of anti-aging properties. These anti-aging foods have proven to be beneficial if consumed on a regular basis. They not only add to our life span, they keep age-associated diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis in check. Every so often, individuals feel the desire to “put the brakes” on the aging process; however, scientists have not discovered the “fountain of youth” as of yet, so we must resort to balancing our diets, which overall is not a bad thing in itself.

As we age, the body begins to slow down causing various aches and nuisances; though minor, they make us more vulnerable to fatigue, fragility, and degenerative maladies. Nevertheless, there is hope. There are particular foods that can assist with counteracting the undesirable effects of aging. These foods are not “miracle cures” against aging; nonetheless, they will improve your general health and vivacity according to the National Institutes of Health, who have been allocating millions of dollars to discover ways of increasing the human lifespan.

Whereas healthy diet and exercise can maintain a fit body into old age, there are foods exceptionally proficient at reducing the affects of age-related health problems and diseases. Here are ten foods that are full of anti-aging fighters.

1-Walnuts/Nuts – According to the Harvard School of Public Health, nuts are a perfect age fighting food and full of omega-3 essential fatty-acids. Walnuts and nuts in general, assist with managing cholesterol levels, improve digestive functioning, and strengthen immunity due to their rich mineral content.

In addition, research has discovered that even though nuts are a high-calorie, high-fat food, they do not encourage weight-gain. This is because nuts are filling, and after consumption, people eat less afterwards. In fact, the body does not absorb up to 20% of nuts.

2-Berries – Researchers at Tufts University discovered that a number of compounds in blueberries and additional berries assist in decreasing inflammations. In addition, they avert oxidative-damage due to age associated disadvantages.

3-Healthy Greens – Healthy greens contain calcium, folate, and various nutrients that improve bone heath, shield against the decline of the reasoning faculties, and help avert eye problems due to age. Diets rich in vegetables like cabbage and broccoli decrease the risk of cancer and memory loss as well.

4-Dark Chocolate – According to the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, cocoa beans, from which dark chocolate is produced, along with the intense concentration of antioxidant-flavanols reduces inflammation of the skin derived from contact with UV light. In addition, consuming dark chocolate can invigorate circulation and improve the skin’s ability to hold moisture; besides decreasing the manifestation of wrinkles and helping the skin to appear younger looking.

5-Beans – Research has shown that beans are the perfect heart food, and the more you eat, the merrier. They provide a superb source of low-fat protein, especially for vegetarians. In addition, they are full of fiber, which assists with lowering cholesterol. Additionally, they are bursting with vitamins and minerals, rich in antioxidants, and abundant in potassium, iron, and vitamin B.

6-Whole Grains – Fiber, mineral, vitamin, and antioxidant rich, vitamin B, whole grains can reduce the onset of age associated illnesses such as cancer and cardiovascular disease. Due to their slow digestion rate, they are perfect for preventing diabetes and high blood pressure. Brown rice and oatmeal are excellent sources of whole grain foods.

7-Fish – Seafood is rich in fatty acids, which quells the discomfort of chronic inflammation according to the author of “The Omega Diet,” Artemis P. Simopoulos, M.D. In addition, it has been discovered that omega-3 fats derived from fish, influences a part of the brain responsible for attitude and moods in healthy individuals. These developments improve outlook and enhances the feeling of well being even into old age. Omega-3s in fatty-fish like tuna and salmon consists of the most powerful anti-inflammatory effects.

8-Red Wine/and Other Drinks – Studies the world over have proven that red wine contains many benefits. It contains Resveratrol, which is a pungent antioxidant, artery shield, and inflammation modifier. In addition, animal research shows that high quantities of resveratrol might offset cell-death in the brain and heart. A One to five ounce glass of red wine per day is recommended, more prove harmful. For non-wine drinkers coffee has been proven to decrease the risk of Parkinson’s disease, type 2 diabetes, and lower the risk of heart disease.

9-Olive Oil – Recently, scientists have discovered that olive oil contains huge quantities of mono-unsaturated fats. These types of fats are great for your body and heart. Adding organic extra-virgin olive oil is particularly advantageous since it is refined and maintains its original benefits of anti-aging mono-unsaturated fats.

10-Avocado – It does not matter how you eat them whether pureed into a guacamole dip, or chopped into a salad, avocados are a fruit that is popular for its anti-aging properties. According to the Hebrew Rehabilitation Center for Aged-Research and Training-Institute in Boston, avocado is naturally rich in folic acid or vitamin B. In addition, avocados are rich in potassium, vitamin E, including antioxidants and mono-unsaturated fats. The minerals and vitamins in avocados have proven to decrease cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and improve skin suppleness. This folate rich fruit is also associated with heart attack prevention, and with lowering the risk of osteoporosis.