Top Foods That Increase Sex Power


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It is a known fact in modern times that eating specific natural foods can get the mojo going. People nowadays often resort to chemicals which assure the prescribed effects albeit with a possibility of the occurrence of side-effects later or immediately. Succulent fruits, exotic vegetables are known to spice up the sex life. The foods mentioned below have certain circulatory, muscle strengthening effects that pave the way for a good sexual appetite and the energy to fuel sexual activity. Here are the top 10 natural foods that go a long way in enhancing sexual activity and boosting sex power.

10. Nuts:
In order to go “nuts” while sex, one should increase the ingestion of nuts. Nuts are high in the amino acid arginine which is vital to the synthesis of nitric oxide, a compound that is involved in generating erections. The oil contained in nuts also pushes down the cholesterol level, maintaining overall good health. According to studies, men who consume 3000 mg of arginine rich foods have a better sexual performance than those who don’t. Peanuts, cashews, walnuts etc are great sources of food required to have a good sexual life.

9. Oysters:
Zinc, commonly known as the “sex mineral” is extremely vital to the production of testosterone. Therefore, zinc plays a huge role in determining the sexual performance of a human. Consumption of zinc ups the testosterone production and sperm count in males. Oyster, having the reputation of being the age old “virility” food is considered as a good source of zinc and greatly enhances sexual power. Oysters are also good for the overall reproductive activity in men. They are best consumed raw provided they are fresh and free from contaminated water.

8. Green vegetables:
Out of green vegetables, spinach is a potent source of magnesium. Magnesium helps dilate blood vessels and ensures better blood flow to the genitals thereby creating greater arousal for men and women both. Spinach, broccoli, kale, cabbage, Swiss chard are also good sources of folate also called as the “sex nutrient”. Folate maintains reproductive health in both males and females. It also lowers blood levels of a harmful substance homocysteine.

7. Eggs:
Though eggs may not look like the perfect food for sexual power, they certainly help in enhancing the longevity of a human’s sexual life. Often quoted as one of the purest sources of protein, eggs are also rich in vitamins B6 and B5 which help balance hormone levels and are responsible for a healthy libido. The vitamin content in eggs help fight stress levels thereby boosting the sex drive and ensuring harder erections. A plateful of eggs in the morning is the perfect way to kick-start a day that would end with steamy sex.

6. Red Wine:
Yet another reason to drink! Red wine contributes to the increase in libido levels in the body. According to researchers, the antioxidants coupled with the alcohol in the wine triggers the production of nitric oxide in the blood. This allows the artery walls to relax, increasing the blood flow to the genitals. The results have indicated an affirmative response between consumption of wine and sexual appetite. But one should be careful as excessive consumption of alcohol can adversely affect a human’s sex power and put a damper on performance.

5. Dark Chocolate:
Devouring dark chocolate has always been treated as sensually arousing. Dark chocolate contains a compound termed as phenylethylamine that releases endorphins usually produced during sex and also does its part in increasing the feelings of attraction between two people. They also increase the amount of nitric oxide in the blood thereby enhancing arterial blood flow. Chocolate also enhances the mood for sexual craving as proven by a British study.

4. Watermelons:
Watermelons have been called the new Viagra according to many experts. It is said that eating watermelon delivers effects akin to Viagra’s. The fruit contains citrulline amino acid that is extremely good for the cardiovascular system and helps relax blood vessels that enhance sex drive. Watermelons help get in the mood for sex as they increase libido. Those looking for a boost in their sexual lives deserve to add this sweet treat to their daily dose of fruits.

3. Asparagus:
Considered one of the “superfoods” for amazing sex power, asparagus contains folate which aids the production of histamine necessary for maintaining a healthy sex drive in men and women. A proper level of histamine in the body is quintessential for having a sex life free from complications. Since the early times, asparagus was considered as a successful aphrodisiac (derived from “asperge” which is slang for the male sex organ) consumed by both males and females for promoting fertility. As an aphrodisiac, asparagus is considered to have psycho-physiological benefits because of its shape. It triggers the mind to have a physiological response to boost sexual activity.

2. Garlic:
Garlic, known to repel people, also holds the power and the elixir to ensuring a satisfying sex life. It is known to stir up sexual desires as the heat inside the garlic ups the libido level that makes partners want to cuddle more often than not! Garlic contains allicin that increases flow of blood to the organs engaged in sexual activity. However this would only show effects if taken for a prolonged period of time. It also fights causes of impotence in men and is overall a wonder food for people willing to invest more in their sexual life.

1. Avocado:
The fruit is commonly named as “ahucatl” or the “testicle tree” owing to its shape bearing resemblance to the human sex organ. Despite being delicious, avocado is extremely beneficial for shooting high libido levels in the body. High level of folic acid in avocado gives more energy by metabolizing proteins whereas the vitamins B6 increase male hormone production. In women, avocado regulates the thyroid gland. Back in the day, avocado was considered as a special “sex” food by many Catholicmet Spanish priests.