Two leaves for total skin care






Acne, dark spots on the skin, or dirty tbaka will solve the problems of these two pages. Tulsi leaves and neem leaves. There are elements in the leaves to destroy bacteria, acne bacteria, which keeps away the skin branamukta. It also contains vitamin C, which is bright and dark spots on the skin, remove wrinkles and helps to create new cells. On the other hand, there are tulasite ayantibyakateriyala material, which removes the impurities of the skin skin shine.
How to solve the problems of the skin with two of these leaves have been advised about the life boldaskai section of the website. Refer to the Outline.

The first step
10 neem leaves and 10 Tulsi leaves, wash well and leave it in the sun. After 4 hours, when the color of the pages will be green to brown, then blend well with the blendare.

The second step
Two teaspoon of neem leaves in a bowl the flour, two teaspoons Tulsi leaves powder and one tablespoon of fuller’s earth and mix well together.

The third step
I’ve been in rose water and mix until the mixture is thick. Mix the pack with a soft brush.

The fourth step
Wash your face with clean water with the klinajara. Take off with the towel. Wait two minutes.

The fifth step
In this pack face, neck and neck, wait 15 minutes to set.

The sixth step
Once dry, lightly soaked with water massage for five minutes. Then wash it with water. Then apply moisturizer. Apply this face pack at least twice a week.