Two natural masks that promotes hair growth faster

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Beautiful, thick, long hair all desirable. But if you do not grow hair, full of beautiful hair do?

Many complain, not long hair. There may be many reasons for this. For example, do not care to complement, not regularly cut ends, etc. saturated protein diet did not. Others said that, even if the hair is not growing. For them, there are today two of the hair mask.

hair mask 2

Which lagabe

(1) potatoes

Alute the B vitamins, vitamin C, and zinc nayasina material, such as hair growth increases. An increase in hair growth, which is a very important role.

(2) onion

Minerals are onions and Nutrition. Sulfur helps to build collagen tissue of onions hair grothake promoted. This helps to grow new hair.

How to Create

– Peel the potatoes and onion. These small pieces of the blendare Take blend.

– Once blended mixture with the help of a filter jusata strain. This jusatai mask on your hair growth.

hair mask 2

Which lagabe

(1) carrots

There niutriyentasa Carrot, Vitamin A, K, C, B-1, B-3, B-6, B-II, fiber, potassium, phosphorus, which is very beneficial for hair growth. Carrot Scalp blood circulation also increases, which make hair soft, remove hair damage, hair prevents broken.

How to Create

– Small pieces of carrot and take blendare blend. Jusata chamkanira of the strain.


– The two hair maskai kansestensira juice. So they can be used in the same manner. You can use any one of the mask according to your convenience. Each of the maskai.

– Take a cotton balls doused in hair growth mask.

– The cotton ball and apply cutting part my hair roots.

– If you want, jusata spray bottle that can be filled with the roots of hair spray.

– Spend 40 minutes in the hair shampoo.

– 3 days a week, use this mask.

Some facts

Hair Growth maskagulo using 21 times I can say that, not having a job.

The reason, it takes a little time to get results maskagulora hair growth. So take time and patience to use: 1 month. Hopefully, the result pabenai.