What happened to Joya after eating wild fruit in childhood!


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Children love to eat chocolate, they have extra interest in sweet foods. But Jaya Ahsan, one of the two actresses of Bangla did not do it. His childhood meal list was quite different.

In short, he liked fruits more than cakes and chocolate. In his words, eating fruit was like a drug addict to him. The interesting thing is that he could not leave the drug yet.

Recently, Jaya has come to visit Madranga Television for Eid special guest ‘Mad Cafe. Throughout the program, in the words, the words of their madness and habits are presented.

Jaya said, ‘How many fruits are there in forests and forests, since my childhood, my greedy vision towards this kind of fruit I have to eat the fruits that do not eat. I had to count on this fantastic addiction.

I had to go to the hospital after consuming poisonous forest fruit. Although the headache of eating this fruit is not yet. I eat when I get the fruit. That’s the result. ‘

Three times the National Film Award-winning Best Actress, Jaya, out of his stance, never used glycerin to act as a rage in an emotional scene. Because of its allergies in glycerin. Jaya, crying all the dramas and movies naturally surrendered to the starred character.

Presentation of Tanvir Hossain Probal and Maniruzzaman Khan’s production ‘Mad Cafe’ will be promoted on the 3rd day of Eid, at 10:30 pm, at Fishranga Television.