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Once upon a time, the highlighted model and actress Naznin Akhter Happy. Have missed the showbiz.

But his presence is still seen in the social media. Today, Happy Social Media has given a status on divorce or divorce on Facebook. For the readers, the exact description is given-
‘The dignitaries will not get divorced, but this is not the case. In this case, do not say dignity, divorce may be due to various reasons. Anyone can be. Do not believe it or not.

Many people think that both of them are believers, then why will divorce? It might actually be. That means he or they are not bad. Real life is not as beautiful as dreams.

There is also a quarrel between the dignitaries, turmoil. What is the meaning of family?
Two people grow up in two environments, mentality is different. Some of them may adapt to some. Someone else can not, but there is some discrepancy among others that it is like going ahead of the relationship. Divorce is the only way.

Just as a husband and wife are both believers, they both fear God and try to obey Allah’s commandments. But some of them may not understand well or do not understand. For example, a husband does not take his wife away from her. But there is no obstacle in the Shari’ah. Still do not take it. Her husband is the entertainment of a Muslim girl. She can not stay with friends like other girls, but she has a lot of fun. Can not even be about movie songs. Even if the husband does not understand him, a mental problem is created in this review.

Even if the husband does many things, even if the husband never says to him, “You are doing so much, you are suffering” or his pain is a burden, it is a lot less, but if the girls hear it, then thousands of sufferings become water. If that is the opposite, it is assumed that “What is the work in the world?” Then the problem is really hard.

But if the wife’s parents are often disrespected, she is in dire straits. As much as your parents are with you. If you are insulted from the time of adolescence, ideology, and hard work, but if you are insulted, you can never love it, it is very normal.

If the husband comes to the office and spend time with the mobile, what will the wife do? If all the dislike activities of the wife are done by husbands or husbands, then even after the wife confesses to Mohabbat, how much a girl feels when her husband is misbehaving! Wife wants to eat some of her mother’s face without breaking her mind, then how will she feel? If these things continue, then the family life becomes ajana.

But the husband used to pray for five times in the mosque. Sunni labels are going on. Not everyone is perfect. If there is a problem in these issues, then the marriage can become a refuge for hell instead of Jannah. Because in these circumstances many things are said which poets have become guilty, sometimes a more serious condition is created.

We all marry and do not want anything to contradict it. Many companions / companions have also been divorced, there are many cases where they have again married. It’s not bad. But when we are divorced in our current society, we will see them again. It is absolutely disgusting in the Shari’ah.

Maybe they are better in the next life or are alone. We should not criticize those who are divorced. If you are not alone, the path of divorce is open. Although it is the worst in the Shari’ah Girls are less than boys. The responsibility of the family is greater for boys. The problems started when they did not mean the rule of the Shari’ah in the family run. That is good for all of us, Allah will do so. La haola wala kwata ila billah!