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As a model and dancer, people know more about him. However, he was seen on screen as the actress. Since 2003, Rhea has been living in America for its own carrier and popularity.

She is now the mother of one child. Husband Evan Chowdhury and the children around him are now busy Designer Biplob Saha recently visited America. He went there with his family and met Rear. They move around together. And with those moment photos shared with Fan-Phalad

However, Rhea will not return to the country soon. Now it will be in America. And modeling or dance can not be seen very soon. The family is now all about it.

In 1992, Riya made the first modeling of the advertisement of Kokola Biscuit. His full name is Farzana Ria Chowdhury. Her father Zahurul Huq Chowdhury. In 2008, Rhea married a miner named Minhaj. After that divorce got divorced. In March 2013, America married immigrant software engineer Evan Chowdhury.