What Porimoni is actually doing?

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At present, the hit name of Dhaka movie is Paramoni. The number of pictures of his actress is more than the release of the picture. After several criticisms, he is still acting in a movie after another. A few months ago, the quantity went to far-off China. After a while, the news comes that he is acting in Chinese movies.

Meanwhile, several photos of Parishani’s physical activity are discussed on Facebook. And this begins with a new discussion. Everyone’s the question he is doing? After watching the pictures, later online gambling shows that the film was released in the year, its starred ‘Blood’. He learned the beat of the film. That photo he posted. The fans again brought the images back to their fans.

His fans again want to see him in action film, said Social Media on Facebook. Because in most movies, Paramani played the role of romantic heroin or village girl.

Meanwhile, Paramani has made her position in Dhaka cinema. The filmmaker has also been featured on the part of various social activities as well as acting in the film. This year, as a year gone by, the offer has been sacrificed in the FDC. Neglected artists named ‘ExtraArtist’ of the movie have been dragged into the chest. Eid joy is shared with them.

Besides, year-old poet Nirmalendu Gunash has a Facebook status and a poet named ‘Poetry Kunj’ in a organization named Paree said that she loves poems with a hundred thousand rupees. This year’s Eid is not only a social activity but also appeared on the screen of the heroine.