What Shabana is doing in America?






eteran actress Shabana, who has kept herself away from the limelight for quite a long time now, recently visited Bangladesh.

Shabana actually came to her in-law’s house in Benapol’s Keshobpur. Shabana informed that her reason to visit Bangladesh is completely personal.

However, Shabana could not deceive the eyes of the villagers for a long time although she usually visits Benapol in Burkha. For this reason, she is thinking to be a little more careful from now on to hide her identity.

When asked about her little tours in the country, the prominent actress said, “I had to plan this sudden trip from America for a private reason.”

Notably, Shabana has earlier made an announcement that she will make a film under Bangladesh-Kolkata joint venture. Regarding that Shabana said, “Many people are now working with the two Bengals. Let them take the initiative and make good examples.”

“I’ll also start working seriously on this project very soon,” confirmed Shabana.

Shabana was one of the leading actresses in the late ’60s and ’70s. She acted in over 300 films in Bengali and Urdu, and one in Hindi. The popular actress left acting in 1998 and has left to USA to permanently live with her family members. She is married to Bangaldeshi film director Wahis Sadik since 1973. She has two daughters and one son.