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No matter how much work you have, the wife should come down to the office every morning. Apart from this, there should be a mentality in performing house-to-house work, such as market and cooking, to perform the same duty with the wife. Otherwise, but the bride will not get on the forehead. And the jute, the bustle will not end. Because, this kind of men are the first choice of women in the selection of husbands.

This information was found in a matchmaking survey of an online marriage organization recently. Responding to the question of how to choose a man as a companion of a man, the majority of women participating in the survey kept men’s choice in equal respect and kept men in the list of men’s mentality.

They carried out the survey on 11 thousand 682 women and men.

According to the survey report, participants were asked what compromises in the selection of partner or spouse? In this case 56 percent of men said that if the spouse earns a lot of money, then they are willing to compromise in many cases. And 55 percent of women said, if the companion is a good mind, then give her a discount to get her little salary. They will try to adapt it.

In response to a question that is not compromise, 65 percent said that they will not compromise in any way to stay with their parents’ parents after marriage. On the other hand, most women say that after marriage, there is no question of compromising with the partner in terms of career and independence.

In response to the question that you prepared for a partner or partner, both men and women said that they would try to be flexible according to their expectations. In this case, 65 percent of women said that if the husband does not arrive at the office every morning, then there is no problem. However, the irresponsibility of the husband will not be accepted in the house-to-house work.

According to the survey, more than 85 percent of the participants expected to have open discussions about their partner or partner. 75 percent of women said, having a mentality to respect their parents’ parents is a very important thing for the groom. And the expectation of 65 percent of the men, the wife to be worried about her husband’s care should be ready.