What women dislikes in man

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People will be different, it is normal. But I want to have a beauty in behavior – I The boys have some behavior, which the girls dislike very much. Boldsky, a lifestyle website, has given a list of boys’ topics that dislike girls.


Girls generally dislike the persistent boy If he asks a girl about something, if he says ‘no’ then it is better to avoid it. If you ask repeatedly, this may be a cause of annoyance to him. It is advisable to refrain from the persistence in this regard.


The boys who ridicule everyone or annoy someone unnecessarily, they do not usually like girls; Rather than hated strongly. Apart from that, mocking someone is not an introduction to the right personality. It needs to be kept in mind.

Talk more

Many people have a little more talk. Do not want to stop easily when you start talking. These are all relevant and irrelevant stories. Girls do not like to have exaggerated stories. They like the kind of moody boy

Glue nature

It does not mean that you have a lot of love for your partner every minute. That means you’re just a gluey man. Girls do not like such boys. They do not want to pay a very high price for such boys. You do not want to, do you have such a tendency to make you worthless to a loved one?

Very quiet

You are a cool temperament boy, it can be reversed for a while to express it. It is not desirable. Very cool boys but girls do not like it.