What you’ll do if partner don’t want child

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For many of us decided to have children is a little sahajai. But others took more time to make up their minds.

Many children will never do again, insisting they are sitting.
So when your child is 30 years old and you want to take, but then you do not want your life partner?
A woman trapped in such situations. Earlier, he had said, I do not want to have children, I’ll feel fine. The nine-year-old woman said her life partner, he did not want children.

However, he did not want to break this relationship.
Her fiance is a level of his life where he wants to start a family with sincerity. But now that he has got his feelings. “It seems to me that I can not leave him. Because both of us have a joint home. “Mamasanete he wrote. But I do not want to offend him, when it’s too late for me.
It is a dilemma. Many people who are faced with; Both men and women.

Many people wondered, should the couple separate. I would rather say that your relationship / marriage will not work if you want fundamentally different things. One commented.
Another said, there is no such thing done right. But there is no point in walking around casually. Unfortunately it is a deal breaker.

Nobody is asking for more than what the two of you are not wrong. But they are not compatible.
Dehaghari ticking biological issue for women in the dilemma by creating another level. One wrote, “The fact of the matter is that the fertility of women do not have much time left. Because of his age, now 30, is 0. On the other hand, the freedom of man is this, that he would feel not knowing the future. But women have no freedom. ”
However, they did not stop to give advice to the extreme. One said, “Your age is just 30. Digg this relationship right now. And enjoy life. ”

However, many that are identified, he may suffer from a man in whom he loves. Like wise one commenter wrote, “If you love someone, do not just leave the child with someone who wants to tying taken part. ”
Another woman told the story of the experience, where he has decided to leave the man. He acknowledged, to leave him, I was almost destroyed. It was the right thing to do, but I knew.

While many have suggested, ends, all agreed that only the woman can decide for yourself. One wrote: “Only you can decide for yourself about what you want him or do you just want a family. “