Where is actress Moyuri now






She came to Dhaka in the late nineties film actress. Katapisa film actress was most needs. Then, willingly or unwillingly, several pornographic film actress, this actress can be seen. Behind much of the land went back to the track of healthy film actress.
He glossed film itself. Silver cut out of the world how his day? It is known that a few times with her cell phone to her dinayapanera.

If you want to avoid hearing the news due to unknown actress. The film did not do any work because he wants to keep the mobile phone. Why did not want to talk to reporters? Asked if the same thing were filled with pride. He invented against him in a variety of negative media reported. But the news is not confirmed. So he wants to talk less.

The press is not the same, in this context, he said, “Not everybody, I do not know at this time. So do not talk. ”

The film does not have a job on his hands. He is now taking part in Stage Show. Basayai also spending time with his daughter. Are you thinking about moving out of the country early in the year, said the actress.
He is a Stage Show on December 9 at the park district kasemapure barenda She will perform. It would be hypocritical with many actors sanusaha Shiva.
Two years ago, ‘The Dirty Picture’ movie style She announced to construct a movie. However, it has now closed.

She acted in the first film, ‘death’ and the film ‘Bengali brothers. She’s ninety three decades since the movie was released. He was admired as much more than movies released has been criticized. Nargis Akhter directed four of reasons, “the film a powerful actor who played the wife of Alamgir She was praised.