Which film is Shakib Khan’s turning point

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Pictures of PA Kajle shatter Shakib Khan’s career. That was the latest developer PA Kajal. In October of last year, PA Kajal told about the production of a production company in Kakrail. He said, ‘The turning image of Shakib Khan’s life is my husband’s husband. That film turned Shakib’s career bends. Shakib is today the superstar of Dhaka film. ‘But it is established fact that Shakib Khan’s career was helpful in making some of the makers among them PA Kajal was one.

Through the hand of Shakib Khan, many star PA Kajal, the screen was spreading light. When the Bangladeshi film industry was suffering due to lack of heroes, he tried to create more successful heroes. But before that he left the world’s Maya. He died on Wednesday night while undergoing treatment at Shikdar Women’s Medical College Hospital in the city. P Kajal’s full name is Purnendu Acharya Kajal. Liver disease was suffering for a long time. Earlier this month, he was admitted to the hospital.
PA Kajal is the last director to ‘see eye’ image. Simon Sadiq and Ahna in this movie played The film was released on November 14 last year. PA Kajal was very optimistic about this picture. PA Kajal Chashi started work in Rupali world as assistant to Nazrul Islam. In 1991, Godhuli won the National Film Award for Best Short Film category.

‘Sabas Bangali’, ‘Bhand Ojha’, ‘People’s Dushman’, ‘Love Aajal’, ‘Pran’s husband’, ‘Ek Taker’s wife’ and many popular films. We wanted to create a photo titled ‘We Can also’ with the latest Riaz-Mousumi. But it did not happen in reality.