White teeth by using bay leaf


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No, you do not have to do anything today, bay leaf with the natural beauty of your teeth can take? How?

Let’s find out how to do tooth beautiful white bay leaf bay leaf pranalidamta use very beneficial, but tejapatake no sour mix with fruit. For example, orange or lemon peel.
Which will

Bay leaf 4 (raw or dried to the wise)

Orange and lemon peel (bay leaf equivalent)

3 cloves mouth odor problem without pain or gum T

Take or choose bete tejapata sawdust.

Kamala or dried lemon peel powder mixed with clove them.

Seer materials with a little salt and mix together.

Phalera the urgent need to dry skin. Dentists will harm green.

Terms of Use
This powder is mixed with a little water, 3 days a week Brush teeth. Every shrine is not required, it may damage the teeth. Dentists yellow, depending on the mood enough to use two to three times a week.