Who Is Reason Behind The Baahubali Death Scene


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Well, Baahubali series are one hell of a journey for the cast and crew as well as the audience. Ever since the first part Baahubali: The Beginning has launched, we have been traveled along with them. One should accept that Bahubali: The Conclusion is one such film, that made the audience spend sleepless nights for more than a couple of years to get to know the answer to the question, “Why Kattappa killed Baahubali?”

Now, ahead of the release, an interesting news has come out. It is not well known to everyone that Viswanath Sundaram is the concept artist for the Baahubali series and drawn more than 400 sketches which include the iconic scene where Kattappa Kills Baahubali. During a recent interview, the artist revealed that he was the one, who suggested Rajamouli not to reveal the faces during the iconic shot, but just to use a silhouette.

“When I shared this idea, he liked it much and instantly gave a nod,” adding, “I am not going share the answer for this million dollars question, but I can say that the scenes shown in the trailer are not even five minutes that going to present in the film.”

Woah! This news definitely making us wait even more for the release. Isn’t it?