Who wrote Salman Shah’s suicide note?

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The mystery of Salman Shah’s death has been discussed in a new way. Rabeya Sultana Ruby, 7, accused of killing the United States expatriate and Salman Shah in the murder case, claimed that Salman Shah was not killed on Monday. As a result, the new twist of the mystery of death begins.

Salman Shah’s body was found in the rented house in the city of New Eskaton Gardens on 6 September 1996. Later, Salman’s father, Kamr Uddin Ahmed Chowdhury sued Ramna Police Station. At that time, police recovered a suicide note or suicide letter from Salman’s house.

In the suicide note received by the police, which was written, ‘I am convinced that Chowdhury Mohammad Shahriar, father-Kamar Uddin Ahmed Chowdhury, 146/5, Green Rod, Dhaka-1215 aka Salman Shah, promised that if anyone dies today or today anybody Will not be responsible. I voluntarily, consciously, I am suicidal. ‘

However, there was no signature at the end of the suicide note. Later, CID’s handbags examined the letter and said they are Salman Shah’s handwriting. However, Salman Shah’s mother Neel Chowdhury denied this.

He refused to accept Salman’s writing.
Neela Chowdhury said, we called her as Emon. But in the letter there is no name of emon. They are in Eskaton’s house. But the address is written in our house The name of Salman Shah is also written after the address. I do not know if someone commits suicide by writing such a letter by mentioning his father’s name, address. Those who killed my son wrote the letter.

Recently, Salman was murdered in connection with Salman’s 7th Ruby video message. If Salman is killed then it is clear that the suicide note is not Salman’s.