Why Are Women Sharing Pics of Their Thighs for #ThighReading?


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Guess what? Scars are beautiful. So are stretch marks. Oh, and any other imperfections, too. The hashtag sensation #ThighReading has women posting pics of their legs to prove just this point – nobody’s perfect. And that’s perfectly okay.

Sometimes loving the skin you’re in is a challenge, but it’s great to have some support and, with people sharing these kind of pics to reinforce positive body image, it’s awesome to feel like, ‘hey, someone else has stretch marks too?’

How did this movement get started? Twitter user @princess_labia encouraged people to post unretouched thigh photos, as she told Mashable that #ThighReading was born “after I had the idea that my stretch marks told a story the same way I had been told my palms did.”

When she posted pics of her stretch marks, other women followed her lead.

@princess_labia also told Mashable: “For those of you not on Twitter, imagine a 15-year-old girl scrolling through #ThighReading or other body positive hashtags and finally being able to see an image reflected back at her that she resonates with.”

She added, “That’s the best part, in my opinion. I truly believe that when you post a picture of your stretch marks, acne, body hair, belly rolls, ect ect ect [sic], you are not only celebrating yourself, but celebrating every girl who has ever felt like her imperfections define her. I post my pictures for me, but mostly for her.”