Why Ena is a dishonest actress explains her director

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Kusumitra Gappo, Bengali film of Calcutta is being made with the life of the female footballer. Kusumita was supposed to be played in the role of Sahara. But, he did not act. It was heard that, when he started shooting the film, he or she informed, he would not do the picture. In place of Kusumita, Ushasi Chakraborty was taken in the role. But why not act?

Photo director Hrishikesh Mondal said back. According to him, since the time of planning the film, Anna was asked to play Kusumitra. He also agreed. But, at the last moment, bending. In the words of Hrishikesh Babu, this is a bad actress. From the beginning of the film, he showed great enthusiasm. However, a picture of the south came in hand and broke the agreement and turned the face from Kusumitra’s Gappo.

Ana Saha I traveled through the film Adu in Tollywood in 2011. Acting in Malayalam and Telugu films too. He has seen a popular series like Bau Kya Koo, Bandhan. The audience won the audience by participating in more than one game show.

Gosho of Kusumitra Footballer Shilton Pala, the creator of the life of the Kusumitra, will be seen with the film of hope-hopelessness with Usha. This is the first picture of Shilton.

Surajit Chattopadhyay is doing music in the film. There are 4 songs in his direction. All different tastes Surajit, Opal Sengupta, Lagnajita and Prashita have given voice to the song. You are also the favorite footballer of all the games, this song has been recycled. Some of the older footballers will also play this throat with new vocalists.