Why lice are being used to treat hair loss in Dubai?

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Following claims that beauty salons have been selling lice to treat hair loss, Dubai Municipality officials denied the practice in salons across the emirate.

Social media posts have lately circulated around the benefits of using lice to help treat hair loss and increase growth.

Women have allegedly been going to salon owners to buy lice, with claims that the insect sucks the blood from the scalp, which leads to an ongoing cell renewal that grows out the hair.

Hafez Ghalloum, head of health control section at DM, dismissed such practices, saying it is harmful and can easily transfer skin diseases.

“We have not received reports of such practices taking place in salons around Dubai,” said Ghalloum.

He added that while the practice has been promoted and circulated on social media, “it might be taking place in other countries, but we have not caught a case like this in Dubai so far.”

Ghalloum stressed that the municipality carries out regular inspections in salons.

If caught, violators will be fined Dh2, 000. The fine increases with each time a violation occurs.

Salon owner in Dubai, Marcel D. told Khaleej Times that many customers inquire about the benefits of using lice for hair loss.

“It is a very popular notion that started circulating from a neighboring GCC country where lice were being sold in old markets, and many women have been seeking it.”

Marcel added that while some customers claim lice is being sold in salons in some parts of UAE, she has seen no evidence of the practice taking place.

Another owner Reem said some salons sell it with prices reaching up to Dh60 per louse. She warned against the practice, saying that the use of lice is “extremely harmful since the insects absorb all nutrients out of the scalp.”

Ghalloum urged residents to report any salons in Dubai offering such services to 800900.