Why Mahmudullah showed his bat after century


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Bangladesh beat New Zealand by five wickets in the ICC Champions Trophy last match of the group stages in the last match. The middle-order batsman, Mahmudullah Riyad, played a vital role in batting with five wickets in the match against the Kiwis. He scored the third century in the career.

Mahmudullah celebrated a mysterious celebration after blowing a century against the Kiwis in Cardiff. Riyad gave some indication of this in his celebration by raising the bat. Cricket experts are also eager to know about the mystery of this celebration.

Eventually the mystery of such celebration was revealed by Mahmudullah Riyadh. The reason for this celebration was because of Raiyad’s five-year-old son Raed.

Riyadh said, “Now I came to England to pack a bag. My son was watching from the side. Suddenly the boy wrote his name with a bat. I said, dad plays with this bat, can play well. I played with that bat. I wanted to convey the meaning of the son after the centenary. ‘