Why Manua killed rich husband by her lover






Her husband is rich Lovers are common. Yet Manuja Majumder, who killed her husband by lover, was murdered. but why ? Psychologists believe that Manu’s husband Anupam Singh is very good man responsible for this. Husband’s good-looking attitude of the woman disliked Manuya The incident happened in India’s northern twenty-four Parganas.

What will be the relationship of a few years! Manuar did not want to marry Anupam at all. Parents are forced to marry. After many tulbahana. In the Indian press release, Manawa told police that Anupam had to be pacified by his mediocrity.

Anupam-Manuar’s mentality and preferred lifestyle, no one can match. Manuya complains, Monju did not like the conservative conservative Manuya chatted with someone on a social site. Even preventing dance or doing jobs. Anupam or his family members like drinking liquor. But Manuya was used in the well.

At the end, Manuya decided, to remove her husband. With the boyfriend Ajit on the table. Several times before the murder or trial Ajit! He is also physically matched with Manu. Manua was waiting for her husband to see her husband’s murder. But he had to leave to get his father’s phone.

Manuya told the police that after leaving Ajit in his own house, he left for his parents. It can be said, the kill episode of husband will listen to the husband. Police told the accused killer Ajit that after going to Manua he was drinking alcohol. Then unnumbered and knocked on the door and killed him with a rod. Manuya listens to the uneven screams of Ajit’s pocket phone.