Why people doing fun with Apu’s marriage






Apu Biswas dhallywood popular heroine suddenly began brawl at the wedding, the news on social media. Beyond the world of the Internet, “also became the talk of the sobija. Shakib Khan, Apu Biswas was now surrounded by all gunjanai. However, the news of her marriage caura with one another. The news spread at the speed of electricity.
Jitu event triggered by a man named Nota from the Facebook post. According to the post on Wednesday, the night is going to marry Apu Biswas. Family’s capital city Dhaka organized a community center getting married in the domestic environment. But she believes the district of pot. The IT specialist by profession. A non-governmental organization serving as a reputed IT Manager.

However, several sources close to Apu Biswas dismissed the rumors about the marriage. Meanwhile, yesterday afternoon when the news of the marriage, Apu Biswas was moving a lot of time for the evening around the different data sources.

Apu’s marriage had posted on Facebook that the new post, he wrote Jitu, the online news and media attention of all the guys, APU trust and absorbed completely false beliefs about marriage to the post, it was just a fan. I’m sorry, and I apologize to everyone for the work.

After the news of the win in the previous post, this Apu’s marriage begins condemnation of the post. Exclamatory question among many that are made. Many of the country’s leading heroine of the APU faith in marriage is Fun! Apu Biswas feedback about several calls to his mobile phone was switched off it.

It disappeared almost nine months, but one after another, the news is ratei of Apu Biswas. Where are the stars of the moment, it is simply doing what is surrounded by mystery. According to a source close to the matter, APU is still Siliguri, India. He is there with his mother. If you want to have your own APU. I do not want to communicate with anyone other than family members. He is avoiding the media for a long time. The film is not a new activity.