Why you shouldn’t eat Watermelon at night






On his return home, chop cold watermelon. Whoops, the body was so cool! To change the taste of watermelon juice, salad or cocktail, makatela can run everything. Benefits of not less. Watermelon protect you from summer heat stroke.

It contains potassium, vitamin C, beta-carotene, laikopena, 94 percent water. So good for the kidneys and the heart. Not only that, keeps blood pressure under control. Do not eat watermelon on the night of the forgotten. Could be a problem.

❏ Although watermelon is a little difficult to digest. At the rate of metabolism is low. I do not want to eat watermelon eating the sweet stuff. The next day, upset stomach could be.

❏ taramuje has plenty of natural sugar. Digestion night was less weight gain.

❏ The amount of water is more abundant. So you may need to urinate several times during the night. The sleep disturbance.