Woman with huge cyst on her belly

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Woman was overweight. Age 4. Why is that unusual at this age, but weight is increasing, understand that this is not a resident of Mexico. Despite no diet weight was not brought under control. In the end, the girl was forced to go to the doctor. Carakagacha immediately. There were experiments, 11 months and who carry a large ovarian cysts in his body, he said.

General Hospital of Mexico, said Eric Hanson, the size of cysts so large that it does not operate any moment it could increase the patient’s heartbeat stopped. Doctors also tells the system to five stone. The size was so large that her unborn fetus can remain in the almost 10!

Surgery has recently cysts. Mexico General Hospital reports, cysts was 157 centimeters in length. Finally, 33 kg of cysts almost five hours in an effort to bring out the young woman’s body has been possible.
Doctors said Jennifer ebela, 0 percent across the cysts were malignant tumors. However, large cysts on the woman could walk normally. The woman on the bed to rest now. If everything goes well, six months after he was able to walk normally again.