You’ll never throw lemon peel, if know these benefits

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Lemon by increasing the taste of food The smoothness of the lemon gives you refreshment. Many people drink lemon water in the morning for recovery. But most people drop lemon juice after lemur juice chips. We make this mistake. Because lemon juice has some great benefits and lemon juice is 5-10 times more vitamin lemon than lemon husks. Lemon peels are rich in minerals, fiber and vitamins like calcium and potassium. There are also some healthy enzymes in it. Knowing the magical qualities of this and you can not throw it away. Let’s know if the lemon witch witch is about the silence.

1. Prevention of cancer

Surprised? Yes, lemon peels are used in cancer prevention and medicine. It contains Salvester Q 40 and Limonen which helps fight against cancer cells. A study has found that taking lemon peas with tea can prevent the growth of cancer cells. If the amount of acid increases in the body, the cancer cells continue to grow rapidly. But lemon peels protect the balance of pH due to alkaline nature.

2. Beneficial for bone

The lemon capsule contains high levels of Vitamin C and calcium. So it helps to improve bone health. Also, lemon pea helps other diseases related to bone such as inflamary polyprothitis, osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis.

3. Facial health protection

Vitamin C deficiency leads to problems related to tooth problems such as scurvy, gingivitis and toothache. As lemon peel is rich in citric acid, it helps to cure Vitamin C and helps fight against common problems in the teeth.

4. Helps reduce weight

Taking lemon pea helps reduce weight. Because lemon khasayaya contains elements called pectin. Pectin weight loss is responsible for the speed of the lemon to lose weight while eating the shell.

5. Stress reduces

Lemon capsule contains high levels of citrus bio flavonoid, which helps to reduce body oxidative stress.

6. Reduce cholesterol

The lemon capsule contains polyphenal flavonoid. It is important to control the cholesterol levels in our body. Potassium containing lemon juice helps control blood pressure. Through the control of cholesterol levels, it also helps prevent stroke and heart disease.

7. To solve skin problems

Lemon fragrance helps prevent skin problems like acne, diarrhea, drak spot and pigmentation and fight against it. The lemon khosai also contains antioxidants which helps the skin to become detoxified.

8. Immunity and digestion help

By increasing the amount of diabetic fiber mole by encouraging healthy digestion, which is available in lemon husks. Vitamin C helps fight against infection

9. Strengthens blood vessels

Lemon khasayi contains vitamin P which prevents internal bleeding and is also beneficial for high blood pressure.

After knowing these qualities and what can you throw lemon pea? Surely not.