Problem with Bengali Font?

Please follow the instruction bellow:

If you are using Windows Vista or later version, the contents of this site are compatible with the system fonts you already have in you computer. For optimum view in Windows Vista or later version you can Download the Solaiman Lipi font.
For Windows XP or earlier version you have to install a Unicode font which supports Bengali. It’s a matter of few seconds to install the font by following the given instructions.
For Mac version Download the font and configure it according to Mac OS.
1. For Windows XP or earlier version Download the font
2. Copy and paste it to your system’s “Fonts” directory. You can find this directory by two simple ways:
Start > Run > type “fonts” and click OK
Start > Control Panel > Fonts
There might be some problem like broken Bengali text in some browsers like opera. In this case you have to install complex script supporter. You can download it here and easily install it by following the given instruction.
1. Dowload the IComplex installer*
2. Double click on the downloaded installer
3. Follow the way images bellow are showing.
After a restart we hope, you will have no more problems with Bengali fonts.
If your mobile support bangla unicode and complex script, you can view this site. Otherwise follow the instructions.
1. Download Opera Mini from CEZoom1
2. Install and Run Opera Mini
3. Type “opera:config” at the address bar and ok.
4. Change the settings “Use bitmap fonts for complex scripts” to “Yes” and click the “Save” button.
5. Now you can view this site in your mobile by Opera Mini.
If any other problem persists, please Contact us. * This simple installer is developed by OmicronLab. &VistaArc. Opera Mini is registered trademark of Opera Software ASA.